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RFID Hospital Management
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is not new if we recollect that we used this technology to identify friendly aircraft during World War II. However, with the falling prices of passive tags, RFID has thus become attractive.

Healthcare organizations are considering RFID for its potential to improve patient safety and business processes. RFID applications in the healthcare industry are focused on patient safety (identification and medication administration), business flow management, and asset/equipment management. The healthcare industry is realizing that patient safety and medication is the most important business benefit of RFID. There have already been organizations that have started pilot RFID applications for patient and worker identification, access control and security, and hospital equipment tracking.

The RFID tags in healthcare may be applied to people (patients and staff) and to objects, allowing the readers on door frames, wards and treatment areas to detect and record interactions.

Some of the actual and proposed RFID?s applications with significant potential to provide advantages to the healthcare industry are: tagging patient wristbands with ID and care information, managing distribution of medications, coupling with nano sensor technology to remotely monitor patients via implant, provide inventory control, and prevent theft.

Even as the healthcare industry debates whether RFID can deliver its promised benefits, organizations are taking steps to plan the implementation of RFID technology.

Benefits in RFID Hospital Management

  • Patient tracking and identification & Automatic Billing
  • Asset and Equipment management and tracking
  • Inventory management and control
  • Reducing blood administration errors
  • Making newborns more secure
  • Vehicle Access Control

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