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RFID Asset Management
Syncroft?s RFID system provides real-time visibility into asset locations and counts. It also deters and prevents the theft of physical assets which hold confidential information and personal records. Should a theft occur the system records the evidence including the record of the asset?s departure and as an option have a digital video clip of the incident linked to the asset transaction data.

The RFID solution uses wireless ?tags? attached to the assets which report via a short wireless message their ID, location, and if needed, their condition. Asset tags can be linked to other tags such as custodian personnel tags to strengthen the security practice. The system is also easily linked into enterprise systems and the existing security system to provide door (access) control.

In a comprehensive solution, the system provides individual asset tracking and protection, dynamic wireless custodian assignments to assets, complete reports, and wireless alerting to exception-based security events. When RFID asset tags are placed on fixed desktops, servers, and storage devices as well as on mobile assets such as laptops, the tags are activated on-command to transmit their ID at key control points such as doorways.

The tags transmit to network-based readers which pass the tag IDs to the interface software and database to record their location, who moved it, and whether their movement is authorized. Individual custodians such as computer administrators and authorized employees can also be tagged and linked to the asset to provide an automatic, electronic custodial assignment for accountability and to freely move assets around the facility as needed without triggering an alarm. This process of Functional Linkage can be dynamically changed to further facilitate the movement of assets without adversely impacting productivity.

Assets can also be regularly inventoried. Alarms are automatically triggered if an asset leaves a controlled area without authorization. Doors can then be automatically locked, and typically wireless alerts are sent to security and responders to recover the asset before it leaves the premises. The system also provides by a full complement of customizable management reports.

Benefits in RFID Asset Management & Tracking

  • The system can track valuable assets right from Jewelry to Computers, Laptops & data disks.
  • Restrict access to valuable assets like computers, Laptops, data disks etc. and other high threat areas to authorized staff.
  • Monitor unauthorized people that may be loitering around high-threat areas.
    Restrict access to authorized staff and tracking of personnel movements along with assets in the premises.
  • RFID Location Tracking: Administrator will now be able to generate a list of where each RFID tagged item is located, who is handling the assets and time in/out of the assets across the premises.
  • Real-time audit and traceability
  • Improved manageability through a single unified asset registration system across multiple sites
  • Reduced workload on asset audit administrators, allowing redeployment to other business critical projects and Elimination of error prone manual audit processes
  • Improved security of high value assets and protection of Intellectual Property
  • Time intensive line of sight inspections are no longer required
  • Easy to use GUI screens are available for Asset Managers
  • Improved reporting of historical and trend information through inbuilt data warehousing capability.
  • Counterfeit product shielding
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