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Active RFID

Active radio frequency identification tags are wireless transponders which can automatically identify, locate, track, monitor and protect a variety of things. Unlike GPS, active RFID operates around the enterprise in a local area, indoors or out. The things that can be tagged include: personnel, assets, vehicles, inventory, and well as their condition and the environment around them. The term ?active? means there is a battery on board to provide power to send a signal on demand. Active tags can be activated (or woken up) for transmitting when they reach a particular location. Or, they can be programmed to transmit (or beacon) at set intervals or when a change of condition occurs. Changed conditions include movement or sensor thresholds such as temperature, humidity, shock or any number of sensor detections.

Active tags have the range to automatically identify a person, vehicle or asset without human intervention. People are identified as they approach a secured door or turnstile and automatically authorized for entry. They can be automatically located and tracked based on the need. Assets can be automatically protected, giving the owner the freedom to come and go from a secured location with the asset as they please. Trucks can be provided fast, ?rolling access? to a yard. Trucks, trailers, and personnel can be automatically identified and coordinated resulting in dramatic efficiencies in personnel and asset utilization all of which can enable increased revenue. This ?hands-free? mode provides automated visibility, improved productivity, and dramatically reduces human intervention.

Benefits of using Active RFID

  • Long read range i.e. from 30m to 100m in open space

  • High transmission distance

  • Better performance in metallic environment

  • Compact design

  • Easy to install

  • Real-time asset and personnel visibility

  • Improved safety and security of people and assets

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