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Why Syncroft?
In the modern technology-driven economy, any business is inclined to support or refine its business processes. Custom-tailored Systems can automate and enhance your business process and enable you to do more efficiently and to a higher quality than your competitors. If you agree with this, the next question you will probably ask is: "Why should I outsource my development to Syncroft?"

In response to this, let us draw a rough parallel:
If you needed a car to be able to get from A to B faster, would it be cost-effective to establish your own car-manufacturing factory to build and maintain that car? That is what we mean when we say that Software Outsourcing enables you to focus on your primary business goals, letting Syncroft Solutions take care and answer your technological needs more effectively.

Outsourcing is all about letting professionals help you do your business even faster, better and cheaper than you already have been.

A great attraction is the development prices we offer. Our prices and quality of Service is more value for money.
Our clients have chosen to work with us because of the following characteristics
Our competitive rates routinely save customers 30% - 75% off their local development rates. Please have a look at our pricing policy.
Experience and innovation are the key attributes of a worthy system integrator. Syncroft's programmers possess all that is needed for successful development: technical capabilities, creativity and experience with large and small projects.
Syncroft is a financially stable company with a dynamic leadership team, which continues to strive for improvement of personal and professional skills and the quality of our services.
Communication is a crucial factor when working with any system integrator. The dedicated Syncroft team works closely with you to ensure a successful outcome. We communicate on daily basis while revising and improving your applications to meet your changing requirements.
Fluency in English
is a pre-requisite for each member of our team.
We are committed to building steady, reliable long-term relations with our customers. If at any time, you need assurance. Your success is our success.
Our established quality management system addresses the quality assurance needed at every phase of the development cycle, from requirements management to post-production reviews. As a result, we guarantee our customers will receive high quality, bug-free applications.
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